Mordecai Argiletum

School Librarian, Arithmancy Instructor, Head of Parador

Mordecai Argiletum spent the better part of the past 34 years at the Timmernak Wizarding Academy for Boys, first as a student, then as the Librarian. He came to Avistrum inquiring as to the location of the school library. He was in urgent need of finding the Parador Treatise on the Verdibog to help save Timmernak from the creature that held the school, and its students, hostage.

After successfully finding the information on the Verdibog and its subsequent defeat, Mordecai was offered the position of Avistrum’s School Librarian, a post not actively held for 25 years. He accepted the position and got the library into the best shape it had been in the last half-century. To commemorate his outstanding work, the Faculty of Avistrum renamed the Restricted Section of the Library the ‘Argiletum Wing’ in his honor. Mordecai also accepted the role of a Professor, teaching a popular Arithmancy class.

Finally, the time came when Mordecai had to leave Avistrum to return to Timmernak. His alma mater was falling into despair, and needed his assistance. Unbeknown to anyone, his school was about to come under attack by the dark witch Persephone and her armies. At the Battle of Timmernak, he tried to send word for help. But his attempts were mysteriously foiled. Sadly, Timmernak fell to Persephone’s onslaught. Mordecai was one of the few survivors.

Mordecai then returned to the safety of Avistrum, to recover both mentally and physically from the traumatic events. Not only did Mordecai have to grieve over the losses at Timmernak, he was dealt with the blow of an apparent double-cross. Kraven Bloodthorne had left Avistrum shortly after Mordecai departed, under the pretense of going to help Timmernak. Kraven disappeared during the battle, and was later implicated as an ally of Persephone. There was also evidence that Kraven was responsible for sabotaging Mordecai’s message pleading for help. Mordecai had trusted Bloodthorne; the betrayal had shaken him to his core.

He now spends the majority of his time in the Library, working diligently to assist Avistrum in their battle against dark forces. Mordecai tries to distract himself by reading his plethora of books, solving puzzles and tinkering with muggle computers. Mordecai now has new help maintaining order in the Library from a house elf, Whimsey. Whimsey became a welcomed addition to Mordecai’s life.

In the Spring of 2011 when Polonius Aberfoyle won the election to become the new Secretary of Magic, Mordecai was handpicked by Aberfoyle to be his successor as Head of Parador House.The other Heads of Houses were unanimous in Argiletum’s appointment and Governess Dowling made it official.Although Mr. Argiletum is not a graduate of Avistrum Academy, the faculty and staff of Avistrum believed that he showed the virtues of Parador House. His appointment is just another example of the refreshingly unorthodox approach that this staff takes to running this school of magic.

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