Professor Bloodthorne

Divination Professor, Former Head of Colubrae

At an early age, Kraven Bloodthorne showed the ability to divine the future. His father, a powerful wizard working for Department of Wizardry, used to play games with Kraven. Riker Bloodthorne would take the morning muggle newspaper to Kraven, who would then play with the business section, picking stocks for his father to invest in. Kraven’s father would double the family’s wealth overnight based on the stocks Kraven selected. What seemed like a harmless game to Kraven made his family one of the most influential in the wizarding world.

Bloodthorne’s clairvoyance followed him to school, making it difficult for him to make friends, scoring 100% on almost every test he took. The other students became frustrated; his ability to exceed expectations on tests usually wrecked the curve for the others. Many students spread rumors that he was cheating, since he was very rarely seen studying. These rumors soon spread to the teachers who then began an inquiry into Kraven’s test-taking abilities. When questioned, Kraven only smiled and said “I am not bringing anything into the classroom, or using any device that is allowing me to obtain the answers.” Finding nothing wrong, the teachers let him go, except for one.

Professor Gargolus, the divination teacher at the time, saw Kraven’s ability to predict events. Taking him under his wing, Professor Gargolus began working with Kraven to hone his skill. Gargolus also suggested Bloodthorne join the Colubrae house Quidditch team. In his second year, Kraven joined the Colubrae team as its Seeker. Fellow teammate Bryce Reaperton, Keeper for the team, said, “Kraven’s ability to catch a snitch is uncanny. It’s like he knows where it’s going to be. He’s also a pretty good keeper, anticipating the shot. But he will never be as good as me.” With Kraven as Colubrae’s Seeker, they had one of the best seasons ever. Kraven’s abilities helped Colubrae win the House Cup in his 5th & 6th years.

Even with the Colubrae team having a successful season, Kraven still never won any popularity contests. Still disliked because of his test taking abilities, he was shunned by his fellow students. But no single experience was more embarrassing than in the final game of his school career. At the championship match between Enigmus and Colubrae, with the score tied, it came down to the Seekers to find the snitch; Kraven and current Headmaster Clark Dowling. Unfortunately, Clark got to the snitch first, sealing the House Cup for Enigmus.

Graduating with honors, Kraven left school and headed for Romania to study divination techniques with the famous prognosticator Vladimir Krustov. After 6 years as Krustov’s apprentice, Kraven felt he must come back to Avistrum in 2000. Professor Gargolus handed his class over to Kraven. Professor Bloodthorne taught the subject from that time forward, also serving as Head of House for Colubrae. Even though he was passed over for the position of Headmaster, when asked how he felt about it, Professor Bloodthorne simply said, “It was not my time. But mark my words; one day, I will get what is mine.”

Kraven Bloodthorne left the school under mysterious circumstances shortly after the 2006 term, ostensibly to help Mordecai Argiletum defend the Timmernak school from Persephone. However, he disappeared during the battle, and evidence later implicated him in planning the attack as well as in several high-profile kidnapping cases.

During the events of the 2009 term, he re-appeared at the school, attempting to kidnap and kill Robin Kayenta-Dowling. After being subdued by the staff, he claimed to have been under the magical influence of someone else, and indeed helped save the lives of Headmaster Dowling and Professors Aberfoyle and Deserand. Dowling publicly stated his belief in Kraven’s claims of innocence. Bloodthorne was arrested, but released into house arrest under Dowling’s supervision. Bloodthorne returned to Avistrum and took up his post of Divination Professor once again.

Kraven was tried for murder, kidnapping, and attempted murder in April 2010. The charges centered around his alleged involvement in the destruction of the Timmernak School for Boys, the disappearances of several witches and wizards (including several Avistrum professors), and the attack on Avistrum in October. Clark Dowling represented him before the Wizengamot. Despite several instances of clear prosecutorial misconduct, and the discovery of evidence clearly exonerating him, the Wizengamot convicted Bloodthorne for the charges of murder against Timmernak. Dowling and Bloodthorne fled the courtroom and were fugitives from the law for six months. After they found and rescued Secretary of Magic Greywolf, they returned to the school. Greywolf reviewed the evidence that was ignored in Kraven’s trial, and based on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of the United States, vacated the verdict of the Wizengamot. Once again a free man, Kraven resumed his post at the school as Professor of Divination.

During Simon Drake’s attack on Avistrum, it was revealed that Kraven had, in fact, participated in the destruction of Timmernak, though it was under the Imperius Curse, cast by none other than Drake himself.