Professor Boudreaux

Deputy Headmaster, History of Magic, Head of Colubrae and Former Colubrae House Ghost

Aleator Invictus Boudreaux was born December 11, 1840, to Alain and Elnora (Cameron) Boudreaux in Vicksburg, Mississippi. His father was a wealthy plantation owner, and Aleator lived the life of privilege and comfort that money afforded. Most of Aleator’s formative years were uneventful – the family took trips to American cities such as Boston, New York, and Atlanta, but most of the time was spent at the plantation, about six miles southeast of the city.

When Aleator was 11, in 1852, he had been privately tutored for years and was about to attend a private boarding school in Atlanta, one of the finest in the South. However, in June of that year, strange things began happening around the plantation. It was then that his parents revealed to him that they were actually wizards, forced into hiding years earlier, and Aleator was a wizard too. The decision was made that he would start at Avistrum Academy the following fall.

Upon arrival at Avistrum, Aleator was sorted into Colubrae house, as his father had been. He made friends, most notably Julius Malcour, who would later become Headmaster. Aleator didn’t play Quidditch much, instead opting for games of chance with other students in the great hall and common room. It was around the great oak table in the Colubrae Common Room that Aleator first discovered the card game of poker, a game that would dictate much of his life in the future. He graduated from Avistrum in 1859.

Aleator returned to the plantation, falling into the sedentary and sometimes boring life of a plantation owner as he helped his father. However, April of 1861 brought the Civil War and Mississippi’s succession from the Union with it. His father, Alain, became a Colonel in the Confederate Army. Aleator stayed behind and worked the plantation in his father’s absence, but it was burned during a battle on May 12, 1863. Soon after was the Siege of Vicksburg, where Aleator’s father served valiantly before being killed by a mortar blast on June 23. Aleator’s mother, Elnora, died of a fever soon after on July 18. With both his parents gone and the plantation in ruins, Aleator turned to the road and decided to live as a muggle, using his skills as a wizard to help him gain monetary wealth playing cards.

From 1863 to 1865, he worked his way north, eventually ending up in New York City. Once the war ended, he spent time in many eastern cities, such as Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Memphis. His wealth and skill increased with each hand he played. For those players he could not defeat, a simple confundus charm or card-changing hex was all that was needed to loosen their grip from their money, and by 1867, he had amassed a small fortune. He moved farther west, plying his trade on the riverboats of the Mississippi River.

The early 1870’s brought expansion into the western United States, and Aleator followed right along. In 1871, he crossed the Mississippi River for the first time and headed to St. Louis, Missouri. By 1872, he was bouncing around towns in eastern Kansas, taking money from cowpokes in towns such as Abilene and Wichita. He briefly moved south into Texas, but came back north to the town of Dodge City, KS in 1877.

It was in Dodge City that he met his future wife, a muggle named Lily Davenport, at the Long Branch Saloon on Front Street. The two were married September 15, 1878. However, their union was to be short lived – Lily was killed in February, by a drunken cowboy who was aiming for Aleator. For the next four months, Aleator searched eastern Kansas looking for the man who killed Lily, finally tracking him down in Abilene. In an act of revenge, Aleator used the unforgivable Avada Kadavra curse, alerting the attentions of Deputy Wizarding Marshal Morgan Quinlan, who now wanted Aleator for murder.

After running for nearly four months, Aleator turned to the only friend he believed he could trust – Julius Malcour, now Headmaster at Avistrum. Aleator returned to his alma mater and was given seeming refuge. However, Malcour alerted Quinlan to Aleator’s presence, and both cornered him with wands drawn. In a final showdown in the Colubrae Common Room, Aleator reached for his wand – and now haunts the halls of Avistrum as the Colubrae House Ghost. The date was October 23, 1879.

Aleator later befriended Avistrum’s resident leprechaun Fineus, who introduced Aleator to Headmaster Dowling and the rest of the Avistrum staff. Aleator became Head of Colubrae house in April of 2008 following the disappearance of Kraven Bloodthorne. When Professor Dowling resigned his post as Headmaster in 2010, elevating Professor Kobiyashi to head the school, she appointed Aleator as Deputy Headmaster.