Mistress Craefter

Practical Magics, Former Head of Enigmus

? – 2010

Evangeline Storm Craefter’s personal history is quite mysterious. She was apparently an Enigmus House student of such undistinguished grades and appearance that no one is quite sure when she was enrolled. It is known that the Craefters have been in the Americas since before Avistrum was founded in 1697. She was married, and although her husband does not hold a teaching position at Avistrum, it is rumored that he may have some connection with the Professor Dowling‘s Dark Hunters.

From the occasional remarks she let slip, it seems that she taught Practical Magics previously at Avistrum for some years before the current faculty and staff became students. She apparently left the school for several years in the mid 1990s only to rejoin the faculty teaching her specialty in 2007. It was speculated that her return was specifically due to Headmaster Dowling’s presence at Avistrum.

Her personal familiarity with international landmarks led many students to speculate when and where she had traveled. Her cottage was decorated with oddments from around the world, some of which obviously served as inspiration for the many projects she assigned her students. These included an extensive staff and wand collection, many of historical significance.

Although she was a professor, Craefter preferred the title “Mistress,” an old form of address meant for skilled artisans, as her classes were not concerned with magic per se, but the production of items to be enchanted or to be used in advanced spell working. She made her own wands and took on the occasional apprentice to learn broom, wand and staff making. Students who attended her classes also learned to make wizard hats, robes and other enchantable items as well as the basics such as cooking, mending and cleaning. “When they graduate from this school, they will know how to take care of themselves,” she always insisted.

Mistress Craefter was a bit of an inventor and interesting things were known to happen when she was developing something new. Her politics are unknown and her only apparent favoritism is toward students and graduates of Enigmus, with whom she is both more patient and more demanding that things be done well. The workshop and kitchen of her cottage were always available to students wanting to work on their own projects. She also welcomed students’ company by the hearth, trading stories while munching on tasty new tidbits from her kitchen.

Mistress Craefter went missing in late 2009, and was feared to have been abducted by an unknown enemy. Her remains were discovered in October 2010, murdered by her abductors. She is deeply missed by the faculty, staff, and students of the school, who will continue to celebrate her memory.

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