Coach d’Medici

Quidditch Coach and Flying Instructor

In the Spring of 2007, Vittoria d’Medici joined the illustrious staff of Avistrum Academy as Quidditch Coach and Flight Instructor. Recommended for the position by former Avistrum Professor and current professional Quidditch player Tyler Ward, Coach d’Medici has brought years of experience to the Pitch.

Going against the grain of her upbringing, Vittoria embraced the freedoms of flying from an early age. Though her family sent her to the Apollonia Finishing School for Witches, she shunned the lady-like particulars her pure-blood Aunt insisted upon. Unknowingly however, she utilized the poise impressed upon her by taking to the skies with
graceful balance.

This skill, combined with an aggressive personality, later caught the attention of the University of Pozzuoli’s Athletic Director. He instinctively handed her a Beater Bat and encouraged her to try out for the Quidditch Team. After two years of full training schedules and tournaments, a Scout from Parma attended Pozzuoli’s final game of the season against Verona. Before having the chance to graduate, Vittoria was drafted to play for the Peryton of Parma.

Breaking records and knocking out the competition, she earned the nickname ‘Parma’s Gladiatrix.’ Swinging with two bats, she was unshakable. Since the Beater Positions were usually taken up by men, fans marveled at her ability to repel Bludgers and defend her team, despite her small stature. Parma won the Rossoneri-DeLuca Cup in 1995 against the Sienna Stymphalids.

In 1999, Vittoria joined the Italian Quidditch League, rounding out her career with a European Cup victory in 2003, and a World Cup win in 2005.

Vittoria is married to Muggle futbol player, and AC Milan veteran, Adiano Valiente. Their union has been the subject of much controversy over the years. When she is not in residence at the Academy, she frequents his family’s vineyards in Franciacorta.

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