Professor Deserand

Herbology Professor Emerita, Head of Enigmus Emerita

Audrey Trouble Deserand, born to parents Gerard and Viviane Deserand, grew up in the stately Southern mansion which has been inhabited by her family for centuries. Because of the location of her growing years, and sharing the bloodline of one of the oldest wizarding families in the South, Ms. Deserand grew up no stranger to ghosts and other oddities, and earned the rights to her middle name at birth. As a result of an old and somewhat whimsical family curse, Ms. Deserand inherited the middle name of “Trouble” shortly after she came into the world. This name, given to one child out of a set of twins in each generation of the family, always went to the one who seemed a magnet to odd and quirky mishaps. Ms. Deserand, who rather enjoys the strange things that often happen to her, has embraced her middle name wholeheartedly, and usually even prefers to be addressed as such, instead of answering to the stodgier “Audrey” given as her first name.

Her parents, along with being rather powerful wizards in the Southern climes, are also great intellects: Gerard a scholar of books, Viviane a noted and slightly eerie creator of portraits in oils. Because of their interests, Ms. Deserand was raised to embrace both Wizarding knowledge and Muggle smarts. It came as no surprise, therefore, that when Ms. Deserand received her letter of acceptance to Avistrum she was asked to wait to attend. As excited as they were to have at least one of their daughters seen fit for Avistrum, they requested that she first receive a good old-fashioned Muggle education. Respectfully, Trouble agreed, and enjoyed a life of learning out in the Muggle world with only a handful of entertaining mishaps (such as her University graduation, when she tossed her cap along with the other students…her cap levitated and flew out the window while the others came back down to their owners).

Once her Muggle education was complete, Ms. Deserand finally donned her robes and began her studies at Avistrum. Because of her family history and no less due to her passion for learning about everything and anything, she was promptly and proudly sorted into Enigmus House. Never being an athlete, she traded a spot on the Quidditch team for time spent in the outlying forests, messing about with plants and gathering natural artifacts for art projects. An older student with an educated background, she managed to complete her magical studies in 4 years instead of the regular 6. During that time, she served duties as Prefect for Enigmus House and also acted as Head Girl during her last year.

During her school years at Avistrum, Ms. Deserand discovered the innate ability to artistically create things that, once completed, are automatically instilled with a certain level of sentience. These creations, such as the statue of Anubis that she made for Headmaster Dowling’s birthday one year, move about on their own and more often than not serve some sort of helpful purpose. The origins of this ability are still unknown. Ms. Deserand and Headmaster Dowling are currently exploring what it could be, where it could have possibly come from, and how it may be utilized.

Now a recent graduate from Avistrum, Ms. Deserand has decided to pursue her career at the school that she’d waited so long to attend. After serving an internship at the school, she is now a full Professor in the subject of Herbology. She still makes frequent visits to the forests surrounding the school to pursue her interest in the subject.

When Lady Viola Fey chose to leave the school and enter the Void in 2010, Headmistress Kobiyashi elevated Professor Deserand to Head of Enigmus.

Professor Deserand enjoyed heading up Enigmus house, and took great reward in teaching lessons to the students of Avistrum, particularly on the subjects of Fairy Flowers, Tea Leaves with Professor Bloodthorne, Mandrakes and, lastly, with Professor Voertigern, the transformation of flowers utilizing crystals found at the Fountain of Youth. During this time, she brought the newly-graduated Amelia Emberwing on as her own Teaching Assistant, where they became excellent peers and, more importantly, close friends.

However, with the rise to power of Simon Drake, and his devastating actions, she began to wonder how she could make a difference in the fight. She assisted some of her fellow faculty members with the resurrection of Persephone from the Void, and then launched into the 2011 term feeling determined. That determination turned to helplessness as she learned of the death of her Enigmus Prefect, Ophelia Aaron, and she grew further despondent witnessing the guilt of her peer and friend, Kraven Bloodthorne, over his Imperiused destruction of the Timmernak School for Boys in Nova Scotia, Canada.

When Professor Bloodthorne announced his intention to embark on a journey to rebuild Timmernak, she had her answer, and decided to go with him in an attempt to repair some of Simon Drake’s damage. She passed the torch of her Herbology class to Professor Emberwing, and feels that her legacy is in wonderful hands.

Audrey is now working tirelessly alongside Kraven to rebuild Timmernak. They face many obstacles, but she has never been one to back down from a challenge. She stays in touch with her friends and family at Avistrum by sending letters whenever possible.
Her Honking Daffodil can still be visited by the entrance to the Garden Shed.

Trouble loves to receive letters from the students and staff at Avistrum.
If you wish to write to her and Kraven, there is always a place to write and send the letters at the Spring and Fall Terms.

To read the letters written by Trouble sent from Timmernak click:

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