Headmaster Dowling

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Clark Dowling was born to wealthy philanthropists, Samuel and Hannah Dowling. He was raised at Wendell’s Dwelling, a wizarding orphanage. It was founded by his great-grandfather Wendell in Estes Park, Colorado in 1897. It has been family owned and operated ever since. The family mansion was redesigned and expanded to include the orphanage. At home, Clark was a protective “big brother” for the orphans. He dedicated much of his time caring for and playing with the kids.

When the time came for Clark to come to Avistrum, the responsibility he showed was nowhere to be seen. While he was bright and quite gifted, he was known as a trouble-maker and was often found in detention. He did settle down (a little) as he aged. While he never made Prefect due to his misbehavior, his academic achievements, particularly in Defense Class, got him accepted to the Auror Academy. After graduation, Clark soon made the rank of Lt. Commander and given command of his own SWAT Team.

His team made many high profile arrests and brought down numerous dark creatures until the day they threw down their badges. Seeing corruption in the Auror Department, they decided they would “handle matters their way.” The vigilante group known as The Dark Hunters was born. The DH openly defied government officials, continuing to apprehend criminals, trap dangerous beasts and obtain dangerous, enchanted objects.

These actions grabbed the attention of the then-Headmaster of Avistrum, Iago Valenciar. Despite his status as a vigilante, Valenciar offered Clark the position of Defense Professor position being vacated by Professor Godwin. After only a year on staff, Clark was offered the Headmaster position on the recommendation of the retiring Valenciar. This move shocked Clark as well as the entire wizarding community. Exactly how Valenciar convinced the school’s board of governors to approve the appointment remains a mystery.

Clark faced a mass exodus of the faculty in the face of his promotion. They had doubts following a Headmaster both so young and with his reputation. Only Kraven Bloodthorne, Dowling’s old rival from their school days, remained. Clark had to re-staff the school and was able to do so with the talented hands of his old friends. These individuals, Sachiko Kobiyashi, Polonius Aberfoyle, and Tyler Ward, brought new life to Avistrum Academy.

The school was stronger than it had been in years.

Being the Headmaster did not stop Clark from his vigilante work. He went so far as to set up the Dark Hunters’ headquarters in a secret location inside of Avistrum Castle. This led to many late nights with Clark being patched up in the Hospital Wing of the School. And he is not alone – there are members of the faculty who have joined him as Dark Hunters. Some are publicly known, notably his trusted friends and fierce allies, Sachiko Kobiyashi and Secretary Polonius Aberfoyle.

Despite the unending support of his friends and family, one of Clark’s weaknesses can be his desire to protect. He will place himself alone in extreme danger so as to not endanger the life of a friend. But after some recent experiences, he is learning to place his trust and faith in those close to him. Realizing that they are capable of taking care of themselves, and when it is needed, to take care of and help him.

Clark recently agreed to represent Kraven Bloodthorne before the Wizengamot on charges of murder, kidnapping, and attempted murder. Despite a valiant defense, the Wizengamot convicted Bloodthorne. Convinced of his new ally’s innocence and that the trial was a sham, Dowling aided Bloodthorne in fleeing the courtroom. The two were fugitives for months, until they rescued then Secretary of Magic Greywolf and returned him safely to the school. Greywolf pardoned Dowling for his role in aiding and abetting Bloodthorne, and Dowling returned to the school.

Following the attack on the school by Simon Drake in 2010, Dowling relinquished his post as head of the school to Professor Kobiyashi, but agreed to stay on as Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor. He vowed to focus all of his attention to bring Drake to justice.

In 2012, Simon Drake and his armies were defeated. But there were threats elsewhere in the world, namely Japan. The safety of the family of Headmistress Kobiyashi was threatened, not to mention her country. She chose to leave her post so that she could protect them. Sachiko initially nominated her Deputy, Aleator Boudreaux to become Headmaster. But Boudreaux who had only recently regained his life chose to decline. He suggested that Clark take the reins back.
At first, Clark was hesitant. He saw himself as a poor choice for the role. But with the support of the staff, students and a rousing endorsement by Maldraco Davante, Clark accepted.

He is now the Headmaster of Avistrum Academy once again.
While his style is unorthodox for a Headmaster, it has an oddly stabilizing effect on the Castle.