Professor Elizabeth Blackwell



The past of the mysterious Ms. Blackwell is largely unknown. She does not remember the majority of her life or where she comes from. According to sources, she was rescued by Clark Dowling from drowning in a river that runs on the sacred grounds of a Native American Reservation. Rumors are that this particular river had waters flowing from the River Lethe of Greek myth.

In the legend, if an individual bathes in the waters of Lethe, it causes the person’s memory to be lost. If that person stays in the water for too long or does not have someone to help pull them out, they will also forget the will to live. Why Elizabeth chose to forget and to go to the river alone is also unknown.
After a few days of rest following her rescue, she found her magical knowledge still in tact. In a dream, she heard the name “Elizabeth Blackwell”. There was something about the name that felt right so she claimed it as her own.

Elizabeth now wanted answers. She was offered refuge and a place to seek her answers at Avistrum Castle to which she accepted. Some of the staff were reluctant at first to welcome Elizabeth. Tensions were running high as Simon Drake had managed to place spies within the school before. But the faculty soon took to her warmly, her presence having an odd familiarity. The students especially took a shine to her when they met Elizabeth at the Spring Term in 2012.

There was a noticeable spark when Elizabeth and Clark interacted.
Ms. Blackwell showed up to Clark’s lecture on the Boogeyman and noticed his tailcoat’s sleeves were a little tattered. Elizabeth offered to mend those for him, which distracted the Defense Professor enough to elicit a giggle from the classroom.

In the Fall Term of 2012, Elizabeth was a helping hand for many of the Professors. In Defense Class she even solved a particularly baffling equation that had both Clark and Aleator Boudreaux stuck.
When the Boogeyman arrived on the castle grounds, threatening the inhabitants and calling out Clark to face him, it stirred something inside Elizabeth.
Clark left to stop the Boogeyman, but he wasn’t alone. Polonius Aberfoyle joined Clark to face the menace. They found that the Boogeyman brought reinforcements of his own, in a group of dark wizards.
Elizabeth watched the battle unfold alongside the staff and students through the “magic mirror”. She was unable to merely stand by and observe, so she ran out of the school to join Clark and Polonius on the grounds. After firing off a spell to save Clark from taking a hit from one of the dark wizards, Elizabeth walked up to Clark and stood by his side.
“Where you go, I go” she said to Clark. The two then proceeded to fight back to back, successfully bringing down the Boogeyman’s army of dark wizards. And then it happened. Elizabeth and Clark locked eyes and fell into each other’s arms in a passionate kiss. Most of the staff (and a good portion of the students) were waiting for that moment to come to pass. But the moment of triumph was not to last. The Boogeyman was not defeated and now he had unleashed Dementors.
Elizabeth was overwhelmed by one of those foul creatures and fell unconscious, beginning to lose her soul to the Dementor’s Kiss. Fortunately, before any irreparable damage could be done, she was saved by a powerful Patronus conjured by the combined efforts of Clark and the students. The Patronus also seemingly destroyed the nefarious Boogeyman.
The battle was won.

Elizabeth still has many questions unanswered. Now that Simon Drake is defeated, she plans on dedicating more of her time to solving the mysteries surrounding her past. As she pieces together what happened, Elizabeth is looking toward the future as well; building a new life at Avistrum and together with Clark.

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