Potions Professor (Emeritus), Former Head of Lobostro, Former Secretary of Magic

Professor GreywolfSecretary Greywolf was born James Spangler in Boston in 1857, the son of a dock worker. In 1863, James’ father and two brothers, William Jr. and Jonathon, joined the Army to fight in the Civil War. James, being only 5 years old at the time, was too young to fight. On June 3, 1864, at the battle of Cold Harbor in Hanover County, Virginia, James’ father and brothers were killed. In 1865, after hearing the news of his family, James’ mother explained to him that his grandfather was Native American. James had always suspected something like that. Ever since his father and brothers left for the war, James’ mother had been harassed by the locals because of her heritage.

In the summer of 1865, James’ mother packed him up and moved him west, eventually landing in Wyoming with the Sioux Indian tribe. While James’ mother was accepted, James was looked at with a questionable eye. The Shaman of the tribe, Leaning Tree, took him in and started teaching him the tribal methods of healing and magic, giving James a love for nature. It was Leaning Tree who gave him his name. One day, while training away from the tribe, a grey wolf approached them. Instead of hiding in terror, James approached the wolf and began to pet him. From that point on, James was known as “Greywolf.”

It was about that time that gold seekers began to move into the area, displacing the tribe. In 1876, Greywolf and the rest of the Sioux tribes joined together at the battle of Little Big Horn. It was Greywolf that helped defeat General Custer. Greywolf, so angered by the invasion, accidentally created an illusion making Custer believe that he was surrounded by thousands of Sioux warriors, when in reality there were only 50. It was an illusion that kept General Custer and his men in place, allowing the tribe to seize victory.

After creating this powerful illusion despite not knowing he could, the shaman suggested that Greywolf travel to the Avistrum Academy of Sorcery. Leaning Tree explained to Greywolf that while he was proficient at natural magic, he was also gifted with wizarding magic. Greywolf’s mother revealed to him that his grandfather was a wizard as well. Greywolf left the tribe and headed for Avistrum to study. He remained there to teach children the ways of nature and how to incorporate them into potions making for 75 years; in 2005, he retired to succeed Filbert Falstaff as Secretary of Magic for the United States. In August 2009, he went missing, and was presumed abducted by some unknown party.

In October 2010, Greywolf was rescued by Professor Dowling, Professor Bloodthorne, and Scorpio Douglas, who were then fugitives. For their role in aiding them, he granted the three fugitives pardons in his last act before resigning as Secretary. He returned to his ancestral home in Scotland, hopefully for a quiet retirement.