Sachiko Kobiyashi

Former Headmistress, Charms Emerita

Little is known about Sachiko Kobiyashi’s early years. Born and raised in Japan, Sachiko was brought to America when she was 8 because her father began working for the Department of Magic as part of a wizard exchange between the two countries. Shortly thereafter, however, her father was assassinated by the Madori Riyu, a Japanese terrorist wizarding group fighting against the unification of different wizarding communities.

Now being raised by mother Saki, Sachiko began learning simple charms to help keep her mind off her father’s untimely death. She began small, with such things as making flowers grow; but by the time she began her schooling at Avistrum, she was proficient in such complex charms as the Patronus Charm.

Sachiko was also an excellent broom racer on her Kamikaze. Joining Lobostro‘s house Quidditch team, she was one of the most brutal Beaters on the field. Some say she became blinded with rage when she was on her broom. In fact, Sachiko holds two school records; for the most fouls in a game, and the most injuries inflicted in a game. Kobiyashi was known for chasing anyone and everyone around the pitch with the bludger.

It was Sachiko who helped her friend, Robin Kayenta, decide to pursue a career in the healing field. Luckily for Avistrum, Robin became the school nurse.

In her final year, talent scouts for the Salem Saints arrived at Avistrum to draft Sachiko and her friend, Enigmus Keeper Tyler Ward. After 5 years with the Salem Saints, she played for the U.S. Team in the World Cup. During the semi-final match against Ireland, their Beaters, who were known for hard fouls, came up on either side of her and sandwiched her, knocking her off her broom and down to the ground 200 feet below. Sachiko then had to recover from two broken legs, a broken clavicle, and four broken ribs. Luckily, with the quick thinking of the on the on-site staff, and a little help from her friend, Robin, she made a full recovery. But she knew that she could not play ever again.

Returning to Avistrum, she returned to her charms that had helped her when her father was killed. She began teaching Charms to the students in 2003; when Professor Dowling was appointed Headmaster, he appointed Professor Kobiyashi as Deputy Headmistress. Sachiko built the incredible gardens on the school grounds where her Pagoda resides. She has placed fascinating spells on the gardens to maintain it’s peace and serenity. She also joined the vigilante group led by Dowling, the Dark Hunters. She is a powerful addition to the group, bringing both her formidable dueling skills and proficient charm-work on armor.

In her role as Deputy Headmistress, she often was forced to take leadership of the faculty when Dowling was incapacitated. The skill she demonstrated in that role was recognized by Professor Dowling when he resigned as Headmaster in October 2010, immediately appointing her as his successor, with a unanimous vote of confidence from the staff. Kobiyashi handed over duties as Head of Lobostro to Professor Voertigern. She served as Headmistress during the tumultuous times of the Drake War. In 2012, her homeland of Japan and family came under attack. Sachiko chose to leave Avistrum to come to their assistance. She left her post with a warm embrace from her friends and colleagues. Sachiko now lives in Japan, fighting to defend her family and to make Japan safe once again.

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