Professor Voertigern

Potions Master, Head of Lobostro


Trent Voertigern was born in Terrenon Falls, New York. He is the youngest of three brothers; his eldest brother William is a professional Race Broom driver, and middle brother Thomas is attache to the wizarding ambassador to Norway – he was born without magical talent, but his intelligence and knowledge of both the wizard and muggle worlds make him a valuable asset. Trent had an aptitude for Potions at an early age, which was encouraged by his grandfather.

Trent’s grandfather would spend hours with him in the lab. Trent thought it was great fun, and when he went to Avistrum he took to Potions right away. Unfortunately the same could not be said of Transfiguration, as it took many after class sessions with Professor Aberfoyle to get him up to speed. Trent became Prefect, and then Head Boy, a feat that hasn’t happened in the family since Erasmus Voertigern went to Avistrum.

After graduation, Headmaster Dowling asked Trent if he wished to remain at Avistrum and teach, as there may be an opening for Potions professor. Trent jumped at the chance!

Trent is a likable individual, a hard worker, and the guy who will have your back no matter what. Trent also has strange recurring dreams about a strange man in a hooded cloak that never says a thing but gestures toward a door. As he gets to the door he turns the knob and wakes up!

Over the years, especially after one of the dreams, he wakes up with a slight change in features (different eyes, hair color, etc.) After a moment of concentration, he can put things back the way they were, but he can’t will the change to happen. He suspects that he might be a closet Metamorphmagus, but given how terrible he was in Transfiguration, he’s not sure.

After several years of teaching Potions at Avistrum, Professor Voertigern was elevated to Head of Lobostro by Professor Kobiyashi when she vacated the post to become Headmistress of the school.

In the fight against Simon Drake, Trent went on a mission to discover the fonts from the legendary Fountain of Youth. While the details of his escapades are not widely known, it is speculated that he did indeed find the source of the eternal spring. His adventures seemingly took their toll on the Potions Master as he was incapacitated through the 2012 term.

Both the students and faculty were overjoyed to have the potions master return to his teaching duties in the Spring Term of 2013.
Currently, Professor Voertigern is reportedly working on researching the famous Fountain of Youth.