Tyler Ward

Care of Magical Creatures (Emeritus), Former Head of Enigmus

Professor Tyler WardTyler Ward, Care of Magical Creatures Professor Emeritus and former Head of Enigmus House, was born on Jauary 23, 1978, to Pam and William Ward. William is a high school basketball coach. Pam is a talented witch and a magizooligist, working for Alivan’s collecting wand cores from magical animals. He has three siblings; two older brothers, neither with magical talent, who work as liasons for the magical community in the U.S. Government, and a younger sister, a witch who is a tour manager for the Weird Sisters.

Growing up, Ward had only two interests; magical animals and sports. So, naturally, upon his acceptance to Avistrum Academy he began taking Care of Magical Creatures (working with his mother gave him an exemption so that he could study it his first year) and he tried out for the Enigmus house Quidditch team, making the team as a reserve. By his third year he was Captain and Keeper, and starting independent study in Magizoology. Under his Captainship, Enigmus won the Quidditch and House Cups in his sixth and seventh years, and Ward was the season MVP his seventh year.

While only a middling to decent student in most of his subjects, Ward truly excelled not only in CMC, but also in Defense Against the Dark Arts, doing many independent projects combining the two. Buy the time he graduated from Avistrum, he was considered an expert on dark beasts, even teaching the CMC classes his last year as a student at the Academy.

Since his graduation, Professor Ward has kept very busy. Most famously, he plays professionally for the Toledo Terrors and served as Keeper for the USA’s suprising showing in the last World Cup, holding Ireland to 11 goals on 38 shots in a 260-190 semi-final loss to the World Champs. But in the off-season he continues his work with dangerous beasts, often serving as an advisor and field agent for the legendary Dark Hunters (Clark Dowling was a friend at Avistrum, as well as a teammate of the famous Enigmus teams of the mid-90’s). He also researches and writes about magical beasts, recently publishing the bestselling non-fiction work, The Secret Lives of Fairies.

When Headmaster Dowling took over the top spot at Avistrum, he immediately recruited Professor Ward to head up their old house and teach his students. For four years, Professor Ward balanced his time between his duties as a teacher and his time with the Terrors. In 2006, he resigned his post because of the demands of his Quidditch career.