People of The Wizarding World

Oswald P. Kensington

Oswald Kensington is the son of Rosenwald ‘Rosie’ Kensington, owner of the Kensington Wand Works and the inventor of the Kensington Sky Slicer, the first mass-produced broom: “Satisfies a Sorcerer, Safe for a Squib!” Before the infamous “Breeze Breaker” scandal, the Kensingtons were very wealthy, until the Wizengamot ordered the closure of the family business. The Kensingtons lived in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, until Oswald’s election to the Wizarding Senate in 1996, when he anchored his luxurious family yacht, the Kensington Cruiser, in Salem Bay. He is married, quite happily, to Beatrice nee’ Tobareasca, heiress to a substantial potions fortune.

Kensington (b. 1965) himself was quite successful in Parador at Avistrum and a prefect at the time of his graduation in 1983. After a legal internship in the Wizengamot, Oswald entered politics and became a force in the Progressive Wizard’s Party when he entered politics. He acquired a reputation as an orator, with his family’s slogan, “Kensington Keeps the Faith,” despite his about-face on the PRETEND Act and some of his other sudden changes of opinion, for which he has expressed regret during his celebrated debate with Polonius Aberfoyle and the WNN interview during the 2011 campaign for the Secretary of Magicship.

Kensington’s antagonism toward the Avistrum Faculty and Polonius Aberfoyle began in 2007, when his was the pivotal swing vote in the PRETEND Act’s passage. Kensington was more steadfast in his opposition to Polonius Aberfoyle’s Muggle Cooperation Act, and was an early opponent of Simon Drake’s presence within the walls of Avistrum Academy. His search for the perpetrator of the Timmernak Massacre resulted in his interrogation of Divinations Master Kraven Bloodthorne in Alcatraz, and as Prosecutor during Bloodthorne’s famous trial, the guilty verdict of which former Secretary of Magic Greywolf reversed with his pardon of both Bloodthorne and former headmaster Clark Dowling, his lawyer and accessory in Bloodthorne’s escape after the verdict.

The legendary campaign battle between Aberfoyle and Kensington began after Kensington tried in 2010 to arrest Dowling, Bloodthorne, Scorpio Douglas and Simon Drake when Drake brought the others back to the school. Despite being disarmed and injured by Drake, Kensington announced his candidacy to replace the resigning Secretary Greywolf at the school, prompting Polonius Aberfoyle’s successful bid to defeat Kensington for the Progressive Wizards’ Party nomination, and Kensington’s own switch to the Grand Old Wizards’ Party, in which he has remained.

The Kensington-Aberfoyle debate made the 2010 election one of the most polarizing in recent memory, but after Aberfoyle’s victory Kensington surprised the Wizarding World with his personal appearance at Aberfoyle’s victory celebration to concede the election. When Aberfoyle saved Kensington from the attack of an unknown dark force and entered a coma, Kensington assumed the title of Acting Secretary of Magic while continuing his efforts to thwart the machinations of Simon Drake, now openly revealed as a wizard. While still voicing criticism of the Avistrum faculty, Kensington has also abandoned all further efforts against both Bloodthorne and Dowling while working to resist Simon Drake’s efforts against the Wizarding Government and the school.

Scorpio Douglas

Scorpio Douglas attended Avistrum in 87-94 as a member of Colubrae house and was a beater on the house quiddich team. Always in Kraven Bloodthorne’s shadow the two bullied their way around the school as a troublesome duo. Kraven with his intelligence and ability to see through the veils of time, Scorpio with his brute tactics and berserker-like rage. Together they tormented students including Clark Dowling who was known as one of the few who would stand up to them.

Scorpio was jealous of Clark’s family and their money. Coming from a large family who struggled to put food on the table, and thinking the rich kid was just there taking handouts and keeping it from those like himself, he associated Clark to a thieving piglike creature. The Nogtail. His well known nickname for Clark was “Noggy Nogtail” ever since Clark first defended a fellow Enigmus student against Scorpio.

Scorpio was screaming in the student’s face while having him pinned to the wall because the student said something about “half-bloods”. Clark told Scorpio to put him down and calm down but Scorpio turned on him in a fury, he was hit by a Incarcerous spell from a professor. As it it was explained later, the student never said anything like it to begin with.

His short temper found its place on the quidditch field. Known for his brutal offense, many players sustained heavy injuries after playing against the Colubrae team. With Kraven being able to tell what the other team was thinking, Scorpio delivering heavy blows and a team belief that a strong offense is your defense, they consistently won the House Cup year after year until Enigmus took it their final year in one of the most ferocious matches on record. Those that witnessed it still claim it seemed less like a competitive sport and more like a battle taking place between these two teams because of their strong
personal rivalry.

Scorpio became aware of a dark family curse on his mother’s side passed through the family. Some got it, he being one of the eldest unfortunately inherited lycanthropy. Following Avistrum he found himself drifting from muggle bar to bar playing pool for money. One player taunted him to a rage and as he walked to the window he saw the Full Moon pull from behind the dark clouds outside. As the light struck his eyes he felt himself fade away.

When he awoke he was bound at the hands, facing bars. A few days later at his trial they ruled he was a threat to the wizarding world. Sent to Alcatraz, he imagined he would continue to stare through bars for 15 years. When he was released, he ran into Bloodthorne being taken in for questioning. The old friends simply nodded at each other as they were separated once again.

Scorpio was now a free man. For a time, his whereabouts were unknown until he became an unlikely member of a certain group.He resurfaced to the public eye on the grounds of Avistrum. Scorpio was as a rescuer of Secretary Greywolf alongside his good friend Kraven Bloodthorne and old rival Clark Dowling.

In a strange turn of events, Scorpio is now counted among the vigilante group known as The Dark Hunters.

Anton Tovoretski

Anton Gregorovich Tovoretski was born in 1980 to a poor wizarding family in southern Georgia, then a territory of the old Soviet Union. under Soviet rule many wizards were forced to hide any and all magical ability for fear of being dragged in front of the KGB and being forced to use their powers to further the Cold War. Anton’s father had disappeared early in his life and thus he was raised by his paternal grandfather, Grogor Tovoretski.

When Anton began to reach his 10th birthday Gregor recognized the early signs that would herald the onset of Anton’s wizarding abilities and quickly made plans for them to leave the USSR and save him from the clutches of the KGB. On his tenth birthday a capture squad from the KGB came to gather Anton and was lead by none other than his own father. Gregor fought of his own son and the rest of the capture team and used the port key that he had set up to whisk the two of them away.

Gregor and Anton arrived in Paris under cover of night taking sanctuary in the cathedral of Notre Dame. For three days they hid in the sepulchral halls of the church while Soviet wizards scoured the city for them. Finally, Gregor was able to secure another Portkey out of Europe. As they made their way to the Louvre they were attacked but they made good their flight to the museum. Once there, they were again waylaid by Russian wizards, once more led by Anton’s father. As Anton ran through the halls, Gregor laid down spell after spell to cover their retreat. As the two of them turned the corner in the gallery in which their Portkey was they were confronted by Anton’s father who leveled his wand and shouted the Killing Curse straight at Gregor. As his grandfather collapsed to the floor Anton took up his wand and slashed it through air, throwing his father to the the wall. Taking his dead grandfathers hand he reached out to take the Portkey, before the key activated he chanced one more hard stare at his father slumped on the floor, there was a crimson stain speading across the front of his shirt.

Once in America, he found himself an orphan and a refugee. He spent a full week by himself in the forests of northern Maine, finally he figured out how to use his grandfathers wand to dig a grave for the man who had died to protect him. Not having a trace on him, the department of Magical Law Enforcement was not a ware that the statute of underage magic had been violated. He spent the next year wandering all over New England, stealing what he needed to survive and fleeing from any form of authority that came near him. The Muggle Police were at a loss to explain the presence of the boy or his ability to always get away from them. It was during a routine follow up on local police reports that Auror Nathaniel Noob noticed the curious fact that this child seemed to always have a long stick in hand. To Noob, this sounded like an unregistered underage wizard wielding an unregistered wand. He waited for another week before he heard any word about the boy again, but when he did he apperated to the scene immedietly. The veteran Auror was shocked to find the long-haired unkempt boy using a levitation charm to keep the Muggle police off of the ground as he made his escape. the sound of Nathan’s apperation must have startled the boy, who turned on Noob with the wand leveled menacingly. Not wasting one moment Auror Noob disarmed Anton and cast a full body jinx to hold him in place.

After a long investigation, it was determined tht Anton was not a danger to wizard society but was in desperate need of schooling to temper his abilities. Noob petitioned heavily on Anton’s behalf and he was taken into Timmernak Wizarding Academy for Boys. He acquitted himself well and by the end of his schooling had become Captain of the schools advanced placement Omega company. After graduation, he disappeared for a year, when asked he simply said he had gone to see his father, upon his return he began application to the Federal Auror Service and began active duty less than a year later.

Once promoted to the rank of Commander he led a crack squad of Hit Wizards and enjoyed a lively rivalry with, then, Lt Cmr. Dowling’s SWAT team. After Dowling left the service Anton was promoted from Commander to a Full Captain in command of the whole Colorado Division.

After the destruction of Timmernac and Bloodthorne’s escape from his trial, Anton made it a personal mission re-capture him and ensure he was brought to justice.

In 2010, he was ordered to bolster the security of Avistrum prior to the visit of the Muggle liasion, Simon Drake. For one moment at the beginning of the term he thought he would have the chance to arrest Bloodthorne, but was thwarted by the Pardon granted by Sec. Greywolf. When Drake revealed himself as the mastermind behind the destruction of his alma mater he swore to do everything in his power to bring down Drake.