Lobostro House Ghost

Once there was a seamstress who stitched an early American flag for her loved ones serving in the 3rd Maryland during the American Revolution. Well versed as a witch and native American lore she drew power from an old magical rite. It’s design held a powerful spirit of bravery and leadership, but she knew it came with a heavy price. She wove the fabric in 3 colors, Red for Valor, White for Innocence and Blue for Loyalty and sealed it with her own spirit.

The Flag was deployed and all who carried it were invincible. But sensing the end was near; The Flag claimed its price. Johnny, a newly enlisted soldier and strong believer in the cause, was shot at the siege of Yorktown during the last wave on October 14th, 1781. As he was dying he found the flag calling to him from the ground where it lay abandoned and alone.

It was a sweet voice, calm and reassuring but clearly asking for help.

Because of his belief in a better world and the fight for the freedom of his budding country and countrymen, Johnny summoned his last bit of strength to bring the flag back to its position. The British surrender was the last thing his mortal eyes saw. This act of selfless bravery and defiance of even death itself before his country’s cause bound his soul to the flag itself, as its keeper and its chosen hero. The Keeper of The Flag is called to every American war. Through faith and patriotism he becomes tangible as the “Unknown Soldier”, to lead and fight until he is no longer needed.

Johnny remembers nothing of his childhood or past, only the unceasing call to duty, the bravery of his comrades and the sadness of the fallen. Those who fought beside him remember only a man named Johnny, who they never met before but will never forget.

What of the original flag? Johnny has a single scrap of the White Stripe of Innocence in his pocket, and no one knows what happened to the rest. But legend has it that when a new flag is made someone in the shadows sews a single star from the original flag. This act ensures Johnny will be there to defend those who defend The Flag and his country.

Johnny seeks to discover his past, and unlock why he has such a strong tie to Avistrum Academy and to longtime friend and Colubrae House Ghost, Aleator Boudreaux. Strange things are known to happen around Johnny, but he is unsure if it is magic or just plain luck. Could this be because of his strong involvement with the muggle side of the various wars and conflicts or does Johnny simply return to Avistrum once the flag is put away?

He’s resolved in his duty, though sad he can never find peace.