The Dark Witch Persephone terrorized wizardkind for years. Her true name unknown, she fashioned her moniker after the goddess of Greek myth. Known for using Inferi as her armies, she was also a Metamorphmagus. Her frightening use of her abilities sent the wizard government into a panic. This disarray led to the infamous PRETEND Act that banned all types of Transfiguration. Persephone was also the reputed mastermind behind many attacks on Avistrum Castle and responsible for the burning of Timmernak School for Boys.

In 2007, she was thwarted and captured by the Faculty and students of Avistrum working together, during which they erased her memory using a massive Memory Charm. In a controversial move, Headmaster Dowling did not turn her over to authorities but kept her in an attempt to rehabilitate her. In 2010, Persephone was moved to Alcatraz Prison by Senator Kensington, to apparently be questioned for official testimony in the trial of Kraven Bloodthorne. While she was not brought forth in person to the trial, her written testimony was allowed as evidence in the trial. In her testimony, she named Bloodthorne as a willing co-conspirator and the hand that brought Timmernak to the ground.

Later that year, Persephone was part of a mass breakout from Alcatraz Prison, and resumed her onslaught on Avistrum. She was able, once again, to breach the walls of the Castle. But this time, her fate was sealed. Soon after Persephone arrived at Avistrum, Simon Drake showed himself as a wizard. To further shock the faculty and students, Persephone was revealed as his servant. Drake, disappointed for the last time in Persephone’s failings, killed her with the Avada Kedavra curse. Thus ended Persephone’s violent and ruthless life as a dark witch.

But that was not to be the end of Persephone. The staff of Avistrum, along with the Dark Hunters, needed vital information on any possible weaknesses that Simon Drake possessed. Aleator Boudreaux had crossed paths with Persephone when he ventured into The Void to try and find his friend, Johnny. Although she deceived him then, Aleator suggested that Persephone could now prove to be a valuable resource for information. He risked being lost in The Void forever to track her down. He found her curled up, and seemingly repentant for her deception. Aleator was able to convince her to come back with him.

Persephone’s presence was not a welcome one by the majority of the staff at Avistrum, particularly Amelia Emberwing. No one trusted her, and from her actions in life, one could hardly blame them.

In the Spring Term of 2011, Persephone became part of a covert operation called Operation Simon Says. It was concocted by Aleator Boudreaux, Polonius Aberfoyle and Clark Dowling to destroy Simon Drake’s public image among Muggles.

To non-magic folk, Drake was an upstanding Congressman and was positioning himself to take the Presidency of the United States. The concept of Simon Drake having full command of the United States military’s arsenal was horrifying. The idea was simple – have “Simon Drake” confess to crimes he had actually committed in the Muggle world. Drake had thus far been able to cover his tracks using magic.

The original idea was for one of them to masquerade as Simon Drake by using the Polyjuice Potion. Simon Drake had left a sports coat of his at the castle. That coat had a few traces of hair from his beard; just enough for the potion to work. This plan was ruined by Scorpio Douglas, who had taken the full batch of Polyjuice while on a mission of his own.

Aleator came up with an idea for a “Plan B.” While now a ghost, Persephone had not lost her remarkable abilities as a Metamorphmagus; in fact, they seemed grow more powerful. The group decided that they had no choice but to trust that Persephone would pull through.

Video footage of this press conference can be seen below.

The plan worked. Simon Drake’s career in Muggle politics was destroyed. Drake also became a fugitive from justice when Persephone escaped from the Muggle authorities in his guise.

When Simon Drake arrived for the 2012 term, the worst fears of the faculty regarding Persephone seemed to be realized. She fell before Drake and begged forgiveness, clutching to his hand. Drake forgave her, and taunted the students and staff that Persephone will always be his. But everything was not what it seemed. Persephone began to chant a spell and was able to steal the corrupted Star of the Flag from Drake’s palm. But Drake was ready for such an attack and was able to summon the Star back to his hand.

Even though she was unsuccessful at taking the Horcrux away from Drake, Persephone’s loyalties were now clear. She had allied herself with Avistrum, and her intentions to redeem herself were true.

Persephone’s afterlife continued to be interesting. In a move that stirred controversy, Headmaster Dowling allowed her admission to Avistrum Academy, so that she could complete her studies. Surrounded by the unfailing support of her fellow students, Persephone came proudly forward to accept her diploma in 2013. However, immediately afterward, she was indicted by Seraphina Marks for the crimes she committed in life. While she was not taken to Alcatraz, and remained at Avistrum under castle arrest until her trial, her future is uncertain. Her trial, where she faces the penalty of complete spiritual destruction if found guilty, is underway right now.

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