Lady Viola Fey

Former Head of Enigmus House and Enigmus House Ghost

Lady Viola Fey was born in… oh, what does the year matter? Don’t you know it’s impolite to ask a lady her age? (Hint: she celebrated her 300th deathday on April 21, 2007.) She was raised in an affluent home in Virginia where her parents indulged their hobby of collecting rare magical creatures (people with money do odd things like that, you know). Viola was one of the first students educated at Avistrum, where she was a prized protege of Englebert Enigmus, the Headmaster. Fey had acquired her parents’ love of rare creatures, and Enigmus suggested that there were many new beasts in the New World about which little was known, that could be dangerous to the new colonies. Viola’s parents had returned to England a couple of years before, and she was now on her own. Enigmus’ idea intrigued her, and she soon became the premier magizoologist in North America.

Viola’s studies included finding, studying, and cataloging magical creatures for easy recognition. She filled numerous journals with notes and drawings of all the beasts she discovered. Fey’s work took her all across the new continent, and while she found it dangerous, she also loved the thrill of the chase and being the first to see a creature none had seen before.

In the course of her work, Fey came across what she thought was just a normal Sunspot, a harmless creature that basks in the sunlight to absorb energy, causing it glow a golden color. She was about to continue on her way when the creature stirred, slowly unwrapping its gauzy wings from around its sleek, cat-like body. The golden creature blinked its huge, luminous green eyes, caught sight of Fey, and bolted. Mesmerized by its shining glory, it took Viola a few moments to realize her quarry was getting away. Mounting her broom, she gave furious chase, trying mightily to keep the beast in sight. Oddly enough, the Heliominx (that’s what she later named it) headed straight for the grounds of Avistrum. Before she could ponder the meaning of that, the beast dove straight down and disappeared below the walls of the school. Since she was there, Fey sought out Headmaster Enigmus to describe the creature. The Headmaster invited Viola to stay the night and rest up before pursuing the creature further.

Later that evening, as Fey tossed and turned in restless sleep, she was roused by a low growl reverberating through the floor of her room. Getting up to investigate, she roamed the halls, feeling the vibrations through her feet. As she neared the Great Hall, her keen eyes caught a faint golden glow coming beneath the doors. She gathered what courage she could muster in bare feet and pajamas, and threw the doors open. The last thing she saw was a pair of startled green eyes and a spiked golden tail coming straight at her. Thus began her residence at Avistrum as the Enigmus house ghost.

Lady Fey became a guardian of the entire school, eventually earning the title and charge of Headmaster’s Eyes, binding her to the Headmaster’s office. Lady Fey took over as Head of Enigmus house following the disappearance of Mistress Craefter. When Professor Boudreaux‘s father Alain emerged from the Void in October 2010, he courted her, and she seemed to return his affections. After he returned to the Void, Alain passed a message through Aleator that he could “use another pair of eyes in there.” When Professor Dowling asked if she wished to join Alain, Lady Viola said she did, and the Headmaster released her from her post. Lady Fey entered the Void to join Alain.