Nurse Jones

School Nurse

Signa Rose Jones was born to muggle parents, Rose and John Jones. There was much delight and pride when she received her letter to attend Avistrum, as she was the first ever witch in the family. While Signa was not Navajo she grew up on a Navajo reservation along with her older brother Andrew and her older sister Joy. While she lived on the reservation she began learning potions and the healing arts from the Navajo medicine men.

She arrived at Avistrum as a timid first year and was sorted into Lobostro house. She quickly became admired by her professors and was made Prefect by the end of her first year. By the time she completed her second year she was made Head Girl.

During her time as a student at Avistrum she helped the then-School Nurse, Robin Kayenta-Dowling, to run the hospital wing by attending to minor injuries and illnesses. Under Robin’s tutelage she became more adept as a healer. After Signa had graduated, and had been properly mentored, Robin felt comfortable to leave her post to further her medical education. Headmaster Clark Dowling, seeing her talents as a healer and with the recommendation of his wife, Robin, asked Signa to take the position of School Nurse. She graciously accepted. Signa has served as the School Nurse for the last three years.