Drake Propaganda

Simon Drake

Simon Drake was first introduced to the Faculty and Students of Avistrum as a strong and trusted ally. He was also introduced as a muggle working in the American Government. When Polonius Aberfoyle was initializing the Muggle Cooperation Act, Simon Drake was the bridge to the muggle world. A congressman, Drake was appointed as ‘Muggle Liaison’ by the President of the United States himself.

Simon Drake was received by Avistrum as a warm and curious muggle who saw the enormous benefits of the Muggle Cooperation Act. This facade went on for two years until Simon Drake showed his true colors. At the Avistrum Term of 2010, Simon Drake was revealed to be a powerful dark wizard as he took Amelia Emberwing hostage and brought down Persephone with the Killing Curse. After he escaped from Avistrum Castle, he soon began a propaganda filled campaign to rally witches and wizards to his cause. Simon Drake’s mission seems to be nothing less than complete and unquestioned power over both wizardkind and muggle alike.

During the Elections for a new Secretary of Magic in the Spring of 2011, Drake received enough write-in votes to win four different States. While no where near enough to win the election, it was a frightening sign that that there are some who are being fooled by Drake’s lies.

In 2012, Simon Drake was defeated by Johnny, the Guardian of the Flag and Lobostro House Ghost alongside the students of Avistrum Academy. The loyalty of the students gave Johnny the strength to pull Simon Drake into the Void. Drake’s reign of terror was finally stopped.