School History

A Brief History of Avistrum Academy of Sorcery

Non-magical people were not the only ones to immigrate to the New World beginning in the 16th and 17th centuries. Witches and wizards also sought to improve their lives on a new continent. Many magical families from England, Scotland, and Ireland settled in the North American colonies, especially in New England. However, for several decades they had no schools of magic to educate their children.

After the so-called Salem Witch Trials in 1692, many magical folk grew concerned. While the Trials had not killed any real witches, they realized that their lack of a proper school for magical children left them vulnerable to discovery in their new home. Four in particular who saw the need for an academy were Pyramis Parador, Englebert Enigmus, Luna Lobostro, and Caterina Colubrae.

The four friends, all graduates themselves from Britain’s finest school of witchcraft and wizardry, decided it was time to found a school for North American witches and wizards, in order to teach them to use their powers correctly. Quite a few magical families had taken to teaching their children on their own, thus causing a rapid increase in the number of Dark wizards and witches. The four friends realized what a great danger this was to wizarding society in the New World.

Avistrum CrestThe Avistrum Academy of Sorcery took its first students in the fall of 1697, becoming the first school of magic in the Western Hemisphere. Parador, Enigmus, Lobostro and Colubrae created four houses, one named after each. Today, Avistrum is still the largest and most prestigious magical school in the Americas.

Sadly, old attitudes did not disappear in the New World. Caterina Colubrae, a pureblood wizard with roots stretching far back to her native Russia, began to echo the opinions of many purebloods before her, that only pureblood wizards and witches should be taught magic. She left the new school after a bitter feud with her partners; the final straw was when Pyramis Parador was selected over her to serve as Headmaster after the death of Englebert Enigmus in 1707.

As the American frontier expanded, Avistrum grew larger and larger. Just as they had from the original British colonies, new magic families immigrated to the United States and Canada along with their non-wizard counterparts. Avistrum has taught witches and wizards who hail originally from every part of the globe.

As a bastion against Dark Magic, Avistrum faces its share of threats. Naturally, the school is hidden from detection by non-wizards. However, as an additional measure of security, the Academy actually disapparates between terms, apparating at a different location each time. Sometimes it will be shrouded in the mists of the Appalachian Mountains, at others located at the bottom of Death Valley. Once, the school was even located within the depths of Mt. St. Helens! Students are sent new instructions on how to find the school each term.