Colubrae CrestCaterina Colubrae (1653-?), after whom Colubrae house is named, was one of the four founders of Avistrum. Colubrae’s parents were Russian magicians who traded in rare potion ingredients. Their business eventually led them to settle in England, and thus Caterina was educated at Britain’s Hogwarts from 1664-71. Colubrae’s prowess and ambition showed even then.

Seeking her fortune in 1680, Colubrae emigrated to the colonies, settling in Salem, Massachusetts. She later founded Avistrum along with Pyramis Parador, Englebert Enigmus, and Luna Lobostro. In 2009, Colubrae won the Avistrum House Cup, ending the longest drought among the four houses.

Within a couple of decades, however, Colubrae became dissatisifed with the way Avistrum was being run. She had joined the school in order to help protect “true” wizards and witches. She herself could trace her family’s magical roots back over 12 generations, and she resented allowing mixed-blood wizards (or worse, those with no wizarding background at all, like Lobostro) to attend the school. When the faculty chose Parador to succeed Enigmus as Headmaster in 1707, Colubrae left the school, and vanished from magical society.

Colubrae’s specialty was Transfiguration. She was also rumored to be able to transform into a large winged dragon. Thus the dragon is the symbol of Colubrae House. Colubraes are known for their will and ambition, and for their cleverness and guile.

Quidditch Captain Joleen won the Cup in 2009 and recaptured it in 2011.

Colubrae Prefect, Shadow Wiseacre is the back-to-back Dueling Champion for the 2011 and 2012 terms.

History of Magic Professor and Deputy Headmaster Aleator Boudreaux is the current head of Colubrae. In 2009, Colubrae won the Avistrum House Cup, ending the longest drought among the four houses. But has since won twice more for a three-peat, and in 2012 tied Parador House to become unprecedented Dual House Cup Champions.