Enigmus CrestThe founder of Enigmus House was Englebert Enigmus (1611-1707), oldest and wisest of the four Avistrum founders. Enigmus was born in the Jamestown colony, and lived his entire life (aside from his education in Britain from 1622-1629) in the New World. Enigmus was an excellent potions master, and rarely used his wand. Englebert was widely regarded as a clever and wise wizard. He served as the first Headmaster of Avistrum until his death in 1707.

Enigmus valued intelligence and wisdom above all other traits in his students, and Enigmuses are known for that to this very day. The symbol of Enigmus House is the sphinx, the legendary half-woman, half-lion who challenged travelers with a riddle.

Enigmus House was led by Clark Dowling, in the 2012 term after he took over the House from Professor Deserand. At the end of term, Clark accepted reinstatement to become Headmaster. Enigmus House is currently without an official Head of House. Former Headmaster, Harry Houdini is watching the post until it is filled.

They are the current Quidditch Cup Champions for 2012. The team is led by their Captain and Enigmus Prefect, Honner Vespin.