Season’s Greetings from Avistrum

Greetings to all!

We at Avistrum hope that everyone of all cultures and beliefs are enjoying the holiday season. We also invite you to come back to our forums as they are finally becoming active once again, but we need YOU to keep them that way. 🙂

Congratulations to Trent Voertigern! Our former Head Boy of Avistrum is now a teaching intern and will be running the Potions Laboratory.

Another round of applause to our former Head Girl, Audrey “Trouble” Deserand, who is now a teaching intern at Avistrum.

Our new Head Boy, Solace Mare is going to be a teacher’s assistant for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Congrats, Solace Mare!

Within a few weeks, pay close attention as we will be announcing the theme for Starfest 2009, coming up this April. It’s going to be big. 😉

We hope to hear and see all of you soon! Any questions, please send an owl to me, Professor Clark Dowling, at