Recap of Last Year – Part 1

Review what happened last year before we begin the new school term this friday!

Johnny was split in half and the dark half was being controlled by Simon Drake, see what happened below.

The Making of Avistrum – Part 12 – Epilogue

And our final installment is done. 🙂 thank you all for being a part of this journey and see you at Starfest!

The Making of Avistrum part 11 – Film Crew

This week we focus on the crew and artists that helped to make all this possible!

The Making of Avistrum – Part 10 – “Favorite Film Moments”


this week we explore some of the more funny moments behind the camera.

The Making of Avistrum – Part 9 – “Tour the Grounds”

Don’t forget to get your DVD from

This week we tour the park where we filmed many parts of the various movies!

All photography by unless otherwise noted.