The Trial of Persephone – Parts IV and V

(Playing catch-up from our Facebook page here, as we get set for Tales from Avistrum: Crossroads – sorry, folks!)

The penultimate and final parts of the Trial of Persephone are here! Part 4 saw the defense begin its case with testimonial videos from Avistrum’s students and staff about how Persephone has changed in her afterlife.

WNN covered part 5, the final day of the trial, live. Watch for the shocking twist!


Cassie Kelso as Gabrielle O’Connor
Lesley Beckmann-Nimark as Victoria Navidson
Brian Dowling as Clark Dowling
Logan Reyes as Baliff
Cody Miller as Judge Blackstone
Loreena Rose as Persephone/Winnifred Waspernum
Jodi Naylor as Seraphina Marks
Joshua Thomas as Kraven Bloodthorne
Connery Sims as Child
Aaron Spratte as Simon Drake

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